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An All Hallow’s Plea


An All Hallow’s Plea

I ask you
Do not devalue the
gravity of the day,
the importance of the this revelry
to fear, fright.

This is the one night where we,
mere mortals,
breath in myth and out

We exude shadows and
from our hearts
shades seep, for one eve,
out of our primal psyche and, again,
into our now hollow





Happy Halloween, folks! I hope you’re planning to enjoy the night because, let’s face it, at our age we don’t get too many frights which are actually this harmless nor fun. Have a few extra shots on me and here’s to hoping that your night brings a whole lot of fun, a little hells, and some much needed chills to ground ya on down!


More Frightening Than Fiction


Double, double
toil and trouble
the coffee burns
and oatmeal bubbles

I’m late for work
on All-Hallow’s week
when did holidays
become so bleak?

Won’t get candy
I gotta get gas
wear a costume?
I’m in last week’s

Want to Time Warp
or Monster Mash
but what’s more frightening:
Grooving out to Thriller
or the thought of
no cash?

No, instead of haunting
I’ll just ghost away
another zombie shambles
to the promise of
prey pay.



Alright, alright. I know, it’s Monday and that was an extremely corny poem but give an old girl her woes, won’t you?  Just thought I’d like to give my protest for growing up, despite the fact I’m as bogged down and out of the fun as they come. Still, I can always raise a hoot in my writing, can’t I?

Anywho, here’s to hoping your day flies by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.

Happy Halloween, my fiends! (Halloween Play List Included)

Just a quick post to give a happy All Hallow’s Eve to all my favorite fiends out there. Today, instead of a poem, I thought I’d post a link here to some of my favorite scary music videos . We’ve got everything from good ol’ favorites to some lesser knowns that I happen to like. Also added in my favorite reading of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Also, share um if you’ve got um’- let me know if you’ve got a favorite poem that you’ve written or that you’ve seen dealing with Halloween down in the comments.

Last but not least, let me link you to one my previous posts that’s a three part story that takes place on Halloween: https://amuseless.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/hes-in-the-details-pt-1/

Once again, Happy Halloween and tonight, if you don’t feel some fright, you’re just not doing it right 😉 Happy Hauntings.

Pity For The Wicked

Pity For the Wicked

Pity For the Wicked

Soured souls seeking
solace in their spite
scratch, cling,
claw, bite,
off more than they can chew,
gnaw holes in hearts,
hands that feed
and right on through ,
to their very bones where
distasteful sinews
of their woes,
stick in teeth,
run down throats,
block, gurgle,
gag, and choke,
spewing venom as they go-

a corpse twitching
in its throes.


With Halloween only a day away, I thought I’d throw up a little poem that’s a bit on the darker side of things. Normally I like to keep it pretty light around here but, well, sometimes those darker things are just too good not to post.

This one here is just a call to have pity for those malicious people. Besides, they aren’t really living at all, sad things. They get all tied up in knots and, before they know it, their whole life is lost in something that was never really worth their time.

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