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The Spoken Word

There was a voice;
it lingered in back lots
of my mind, mingling with
memories on their way to
either side, it ran into
things I’d left behind,
and leered at those I’d lost.

Then it rocked between
crowded seats of sparkling
right brain epiphanies
and got off at the last
stop before the car returns
home to its reviewing lot.

From there it hitched a
ride, tying its immaterial
baggage to the hissing tide
of vapor that exudes and
arrives from the land of
its birth.

And from there I watched
it go as strangers often
part from their common row,
giving it little thought
to immigrant entering that
foreign tangible land.

But occasionally now I do
wonder, over the volumes of
vagabonds that have stumbled
apart from my path, to where
they wander that they seem
so eagerly to go?
This poem came to me about 11pm last night, and I finally got to a sort of ending just as I posted this. I really liked the sound and the imagery of it, even though I’m not quite sure why I began writing this while half awake…sometimes I swear I am not at the wheel of the mechanisms of my mind. Honest.         

Anywho, happy Friday and here is to hoping that your weekend is long, and that your Monday seems far away!


To morals,

in stormy seas,
in times of trial,

to rocks,
to faith,
to hopes,
to lies,

in desperation,
to better times.


Short and sweet today! This is a little one I wrote that is simple, but has a nice impact. When things go wrong, we tend to find something to latch onto. Something to keep us grounded, or to keep us distracted. Sometimes it’s a good thing, however, it can also be damaging. Either way, here’s some food for thought and I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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