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Death or Taxes

man jumping from cliff

Death or Taxes

Death and taxes,
as sure as Mondays and
madness, the two sunderers
of men and yet a bypass
can be practiced.

I propose death OR taxes
a surly ultimatum,
I suggest playing Russian
roulette with the rules,
digging around in Schrödinger’s
sandbox without medication,
placing hand-grenades in
the place of party pinatas,
and dancing off cliffs
without all the ropes to bother!

So hang all the rules,
and choose the less traveled
of two options, grab
the nearest pair of scissors
and take off through the office!

Jump over  the chairs and take
a sprinting leap for the windows,
common now, who’s with me? We’ll-
what, no takers?

Hmm, well can I say?
Courage like this takes practice,
now back to your screens,
you yellow stiffs,
and finish up those taxes.


Happy Monday and Tax day….Wow. That’s a bit of overkill, don’t you think? Either way, here is a little post to commemorate the wonderfully annoying parts of today. It’s a bit of a crude rhyme, bit it was too fun to pass up.  Hope you enjoy!

Awesome Picture: Derek J by Phil Watt

Monday Mantra

Worker balancing globe on finger

Monday Mantra

I will not
scream at stop lights
glare at coffee pots
nor envy my office mates new
computer screen.

I will not think
about hiding tacks on seats
turning power breakers off
of my failed expectations
and where they could have taken me.

I will
turn on fifth street
take the stairs on the way up
straighten up my desk and, maybe,
wash out my coffee cup (for once).

I will think
of how this is helping
of where I am going
of when I will get there
and what time I get off.

I will
learn from my mistakes which
I will not
be stupid enough to make again.

I will
remember all my hopes and dreams and
I will not
ever loose sight of them.



Well, folks, it’s Monday again. Sorry bout that.  Read this poem, memorize it. Look in the mirror. Repeat it. Over and over again. Should help! Just kidding. Really, here’s something that I hope makes you smile at the beginning of this week and know that the hardest part is now over: you managed to make it out of bed on a Monday. Congratulations, you’re my hero. Now go get ‘um, tiger.

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