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Back To It


Ain’t that the truth?

Well, as always, here’s to hoping your day flies right on by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.

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Monday Mullings – Procrastitorian’s Previous Poems & Odes to Monday Disdain

Down And Out


Rise and shine
just to get
up and at ’em

Gotta fill up
get tough and
keep on battlein’

because when your
tired, fed up
down and out

that’s when you’ve gotta
pick up , get tall
and put your money
in your mouth.


We’re in this together, folks. Another Monday come round but don’t you worry. We’ll get our coffee cups full, get on to work, and just work it on out. You’re already past the hardest part of your day, so don’t let anything go on and get you down.

As always: here’s to hoping your day flies right on by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.

Make Monday A Little Easier – Procrastitorian Pintrest Board

Monday Mullings – Procrastitorian’s Previous Poems & Odes to Monday Disdain




Self Discovery

Self Discovery

Good, bad?
Find out where the heart
what waves it makes in
shallow waters and
how, a thousand leagues
it thrums.

You have to know your pulses,
your mummers,
before you can begin to understand
the white hot cacophony beats
that go on




This world it’s got a
funny sort of beat
not really yet a tune it
worked its way inside
of me

Pounding primal thuds
and high barely heard
majestic sort of melodies

it’s not worth its weight
in sound unless we
tune it into songs of
who we want
to be


joke picture


Rules, rhymes, lies

each inch of speeches



life, beliefs, dreams

all things in life are



Congratulations on making it to the weekend, folks! Still got a few hours of suffering around these parts but I thought I’d toss-up a little scrap while I had the time today. It pays homage to the fact that, just sometimes, there are conditions in which we bend or change what we’d like to believe in order to survive. Or just to get by. Or to just allow ourselves one more cookie, for that matter. Either way, semper gumby has become the motto of my life these days; being always flexible keeps me from getting bent out of shape.

Here’s to hoping that your weekend is long, your drinks are cold, and that Monday finds you ready for another round.

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

shadow of someone walking on cobble stone

Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

If I walk any taller
I’ll be damned if I don’t
break in half and
fall right over

and I’m carrying as big
of a stick as they come
speaking softly while I
drum on my chest in calculated

and the world seems to be
unmoving, stubborn as an ox
and just as blue as they come,
however, my will be done,
I’ll yoke that bastard and
force him to drive me towards
that sun, I have been
aiming for
all along.


Well, we’ve made it to Wednesday, haven’t we, folks? Sure took it’s sweet time getting here but at least, from here on out, we’re on the down slope to a bit of freedom. I hope you enjoy this little diddy above. One of those things that gets written in one sitting and kinda just feels right.  Ups and downs aside, you just gotta keep going on strong to get where you want to be and I’ll be damned if I don’t follow my own advice on this one.

Here’s to hoping that your hump-day goes right on by and you can see Friday crystal clear on that horizon.


crying statue


These worries are
upon my soul that
at their own scabs


Just a quick little verse that’s been haunting the wall of my shower for a while ( I occasionally get ideas and the poor walls of my house suffer for it by getting written on by random things such as eyeliner and lipstick). It’s been applicable to my last few weeks, and I thought it just might be something for yours as well.


Here’s to hoping your day flies by.

Flightless Plight

Monday reminds me that
I’m mortal,
breaks the bounds that
I have broke,
plucks the plumes from
weekend wings,
and grounds both my
expectations and my hopes.

But in defiance I
grow them still,
all the stronger back,
refusing to break
under that unyielding yoke,
and live a life where at
I am flightless and

Needless to say, it’s Monday again, folks. Could I apologize enough to soften its blow, I would but instead I offer the above poem. Hopefully it reminds you that, while the work week has just begun, you’re going to be free again soon and, if you work hard enough, you might just escape it for good. 

Wake Up

Resting on laurels has
gotten me no where
caked in the dust of
my inaction the world
passes me by, seeing
only another relic by
the wayside

but I awoke to the
sounding of my steady
heart, a resilient villan
whose war drums resound
as a constant warning
to the world that I
will never be
far behind

So I stood and patted
off the powdered past
and started stepping
in time with the taps
of my deepest desires,
an ambition enough to
freeze the world
in fire


Some people you just can’t keep down. The world sure tries, doesn’t it? Through indifference or seemingly directed malice, it  attempts to pigeon hole people into certain lives but, to those out there, here’s a little one to remind you that the strife can’t stop the beating of your proud hearts.




Life it swept me
off my feet, sent me
careening down crowded
streets, and flooded my memories
till my dreams seemed to leak,
water through holes punched by
nit-picking complacencies,
and my lungs filled, worries
soothed by sirens eagerly smiling
at thoughts of my demise
but then, somewhere amidst
the rocks, I snagged on a line,
a single drop of red smoking
into blue hues of regular life
and my eyes flew open, I
choked, sputtered, and grasped
for light, kicking free of all
those spiteful sprites,
I parted liquid with hands
that brushed formalities aside
and, breaking the surface, I drew
a type of breath that reminds the worth
that comes from swimming
against the tides.


There really aren’t any lifeguards on duty here, folks, and that makes it easy for us to just slip off our life path and into some murky waters that really aren’t going to get us anywhere.  This is just a little poem to remind you that, sometimes, it takes a painful little reminder- just enough to call you back to your purpose in life- before you start kicking for the surface again!  Hope you enjoyed and here’s to a happy hump-day. May your coffee taste awesome and your Friday feel not so far away!

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