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They say
have faith in
your fellow man and
your place in

But I’ve
walked around
this wide world
and I’ve met men
both of cloth
and laws

The only things
I put faith in
and dogs.


Snuck a serious one in on ya, folks. I do that sometimes but don’t you fret- they’re not commonplace here and, if you’re needing something to brighten your morning, just check out the links below to take you to my more amusing Monday poems or my Pintrest which is strictly full of snark and smiles.

As always: here’s to hoping your day flies right on by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.

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Magpies and Martyrs

Tikrit Sunrise

Magpies and Martyrs

Magpies and martyrs,
Constellations and combat,
How beautiful this cradle of dust
and life.

Babylon’s lion roared as
Hanging gardens became
Bleeding walls, unchanged
by the repetition of time.

Called the land of beginnings
And the end; yet it is man
Who writes the finale
While nature’s blossoms bloom
From mass graves in memory
of their strife.

Life goes on despite
How we choose to spend
our time.


Okay, so this isn’t funny (obviously) but its something pulled out of my notebooks from back when I spent some time over in Iraq. Forgetting the good, the bad and everything that has to do with people, man just let me tell you I have never seen such beautiful sunrises and sun sets (that picture up there is actually one I took in the morning just to show you what I mean). And the stars! Most of us couldn’t even fathom how many stars you can see out there at night. I’m glad I had the chance to see that land despite all the rest. Anywho, this is one of my earlier works from sitting in the dust with a notebook and watching one of those funny little foxes going by. Hope you enjoy!

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