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The Gossip

clock image with woman on it

The Gossip

Her face hangs long
and narrow with
eyes clacking
back and forth,
left to right,
tick to tock,

Keeping measures,
meters of importance,
social grace,
water cooler rumors,
her mind counting down,
her gears winding

turning moments
into memories,
tying minutes to
her tongue, waiting
to open her mouth
and let it rock,
back and forth,
left to right,
tick to tock.


You know ‘um, they’re everywhere: it’s the dreaded gossip. No matter where you go, they are always lingering in hallways or listening intently behind the walls of their cubicles. It’s those annoyingly obtrusive people who just can’t get enough of everyone around them because they have no life of their own. For some reason, I though the imagery of a clock fit because they are just there, counting moments and committing your time to their own life.  Like time itself, they are stealing bits and pieces of your life and taking it along for their own ride. Nasty, vicarious little things! Hope you enjoyed Monday’s poem and here’s to hoping you have a week that’s free of these dreaded things 🙂


Walking Woman


Coffee filters
float like
dandelion dreams
when locomotive
steam drawn
women thunder


I know that there are some women that, when they are angry, don’t really say anything, but they have that sense of purpose to their movement. It’s that brisk-stiff, I’m suddenly-silent-and-cleaning-everything-ferociously sort of movement. I, for example, do this and, as a result, I usually end up knocking loose papers off the fridge or, in one case last night, of sending a few stray coffee filters into the air. I also reeeallly like the fact that locomotive starts with loco, ’cause there is just a bit of that crazy-mad in me that gets me walking around all fast aka being steam powered as I thunder through the kitchen.

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