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Partners In Crime


My feet hit, a brisk hiss
at the cold of a tile
floored kitchen

I’m waiting, here at the
coffee machine,
mind on a mission

deduce the cause,
solve this mystery

to start with and
the players in this

to figure it out
I rely
on the familiar,
the trite


ill-prepared for life


to kill time, commiserate, feel alive.


Some of us are working, some of us are off- It’s the usual Monday madhouse around here. Thought I might further add to the madness with a new poem above, as promised. It’s a fancy way of saying that you wake up in the morning and wonder how the the hell your life got to this. Well, for most folks at least. For me? I’m just glad I’ve got you along for the ride right there with me.

Thanks for stopping on by.

Well, as always, here’s to hoping your day flies right on by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.

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It's The Truth

It’s The Truth

This seems a bit applicable, don’t you think? At the moment I’m getting through the end of a quarter so you’ll have to bear with me while I make it through the end of it. Till then, feel free to posts links to poems below in the comments. I could use some good reading while mucking through my work.

Withering Wax

Withering wax photo

Withering Wax

Burning the candle at both ends
a searing panic in my chest
losing life under the flicker
these products of my unrest
Under the pressure
I’m just melting down
but there’s nothing that
says I can’t keep hanging on
working wearily towards eternity
it’s the fear of fire that
keeps us going


Well, we’re halfway through the workweek for those of us here in the States. For everyone else, I hope you’re a little further along and enjoying the short glare to the weekend. Moving along, this poem is an ode to everyone of us out there who is working towards making their life what they want it to be. It plays on that panic that even I’m not immune to, a sort of fear of what is going to happen if you don’t hurry up and start living the way you want to. Something akin to the Styx lyrics “I’ll take those long nights, impossible odds”, that is what this guy embodies today, written at a point where I’ve reached 50,000 words in the book I am working on but where I don’t feel like I’m working fast enough.

Small note before you head off into your own world today, I’ve changed my posting schedule to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which works for me and, apparently, for you as well; statistics don’t lie and my best viewed days are those! Also, I’m getting close to hitting another 1,000 followers, which means another thank you poem for you and a much needed cupcake for me. So, do an Amuselass a favor and recommend me to some friends so that I can end this week 3,000 strong and on a sugar high!

Well, here’s to hoping that your day is short and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight!

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