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Don’t Cast Your Stones

The world’s a little
out of line
but who are we
to judge?

Followers who wallow
in its muck
and never
rise above.




This world it’s got a
funny sort of beat
not really yet a tune it
worked its way inside
of me

Pounding primal thuds
and high barely heard
majestic sort of melodies

it’s not worth its weight
in sound unless we
tune it into songs of
who we want
to be

Weight of the World

Ancient carving of a man with a weight balance behind him

Weight of the World

To Atlas, this ain’t nothing
but a thing, but I’m not him
and the world seems to bring
everything topplin’ down on
this mortal back, of mine.

It’s asking for that pound of
flesh that feels like a ton
and if the Fates have an army
then they’ve got every damned gun
aimed at the one who’s just got
nothing left.


It’s been one of those weeks, folks, and it doesn’t look like it is letting up any time soon. Thankfully, I get some inspiration during these times and, as I am sure you’ve had them too, I end up with something to post about.

Here’s to hoping the week keeps on walking by, and that your down-slope slides you right into that much needed weekend of rest.

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