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Wet Work

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Wet Work

Nothing’s glamorous about
tapping shoulders or
watching problems drown
as misery uncrosses
her legs and
finds herself in familiar

But it gets bills paid and
is easier than going
hungry and beats
what better men call an
honest day

and I get to see things
patterns emerge and I watch
that no one knows they’re
guilty enough to

From the pits I have
come to know that
Old men look at pictures and
out windows
while young men search
crowds and
when looking for


Mornin’ folks. Monday again, isn’t it? Well, it had to happen sometime and I can only hope you’ve found a rather pleasant start to your work week. Around here we have been changing things up and I am finally back off of ‘vacation’. A vacation that included a whole hell of a lot of work and very little rest but, for better or worse, I’m back at it again. I hope you enjoy the work above which may not be as glib as most of my Monday poems, but it was a good one I thought worth the posting.


Here’s to hoping your day flies by and that you find something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight!

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