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Though we all must pay
the piper,
the man with a thousand
upon a thousand names,
we don’t have to dance to
his gilded tune
masters of fate all,
we can craft and fall
into our own


Stage Left

Stage Left

Stage Left

A life taken
isn’t lost
just say it like
it is
they left
a final bow
a curtain call
performed at their own
Hey, happy Wednesday, folks. Hope your week is going well. So this poem above is a little of a darker theme. Still, I hope it makes the point I was hoping it would. Sometimes, for various reasons, a person feels the need to bow out. For whatever reason that was their choice and, well, we should tell it like it is. When someone says ‘what happened’ we should answer simply with ‘they left’.

Monday Scrap

Monday Scrap

Monday Scrap

Well the air I breath
it’s killing me
the food I eat
ain’t much kinder
and the daily routine
doc says burning me
so I strive to find
just got to find
that fated line where
my fire’s lit
and my time
is time.

Yeah, I know- It’s Monday again, folks. Well, I got this nice little scrap to toss up above. It is one of my notes labeled ‘possible Monday poem’ so I figured I’d go on ahead and toss it on up there. I’m sure you get the feeling of it but I just gotta pound it out a little more and add a bit more cadence to it before it drums to my liking.

Well, as always, here’s to hoping your day flies on by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you go home tonight.

Till There’s Nothing Left to Feed Them

Picture for post

Till There’s Nothing Left to Feed Them

Wrestle with regrets
until your thoughts grow
keep them bottled up
and you’ll be none the wiser
you shouldn’t hide from
demons but
go into dark to meet ‘um
fires will always burn
until there’s nothing left
to feed them.

Hey, folks. Halfway through the work we so far and hope you’re makin’ it through just fine. Wrote a little serious poem today. No jokes or jabs, just a little good advice given in a nicely sounding way. You’ll have to thank some wild fire’s for the last few lines as I just jotted them down while thinking about them and the rest of the poem just sort of fell into place. Gotta love when that happens, because it sure isn’t often.

Well, I hope you enjoyed it and, as always, I hope that your day flies on by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.




We’re stuck in it
bogged down
mucked up but
we’re in luck
because if
you roll with the
and learn to take those
you’ll be immune
by the world and
you can make
of it.


Monday again, folks, and I hope you’re getting though it like the best of them. It is back to the grind over here after a slight vacation away from it and, well, no one likes coming back right away, do they?  Still, if we learn to work through it and get used to some of the bumps and shoves, it turns out it might not be so bad here. Plenty of things to do. Places to go. People to see. Things to drink.

Well, here’s to hoping that your day flies by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.

Payment Due

Roll out of the bed where my vices

Forgot their clothes, face my demons

Time to go,

I brush my teeth they snap their claws

Tap their feet and grind their jaws

Back to it I’ll have to go

A week in hell, I do it all just to know

Why, the devil, he smiles so.


Back to it, folks. Hope your Monday isn’t being a beast to you and that you’ve had time to shake that hangover off. I’m slowly getting through the day here and hoping that my week goes by already so I can get back to the activities that don’t feel like such a waste of my time. You know, like having a drink, lounging around with friends, and contemplating the universe between shots.

Well, hang in there, because you’re up and the hardest part is over now. As always, here’s to hoping that your day flies by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.

Hard Work

digging in the sand picture

Hard Work

Face it
we’re in a rut and
we may not fit
through the closest
crack we can find

So we’ll have to dig instead
with spoons, nails, claws,
eyes, and pens
if we ever hope to
get out of here

And then, after all that
we’ll have to bite, scream
cough and laugh
just to find if
we’ve still got enough
steam to say that we’ve
carved out a life instead
of digging a hole in
which we will just
curl up and comfortably


Well, it’s Monday again, folks. My apologies about that but at least most of you have gotten on through it. Working the grind is never a fun thing, I know, but we’ve got to just keep on getting through, don’t we? I’m sure we’d all slit our throats for a lucky break but those seem few and far between that we just have to keep digging. Have to working right on through, no matter with what tool we wield the best!

Here’s to hoping that your day flies by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight!

Withering Wax

Withering wax photo

Withering Wax

Burning the candle at both ends
a searing panic in my chest
losing life under the flicker
these products of my unrest
Under the pressure
I’m just melting down
but there’s nothing that
says I can’t keep hanging on
working wearily towards eternity
it’s the fear of fire that
keeps us going


Well, we’re halfway through the workweek for those of us here in the States. For everyone else, I hope you’re a little further along and enjoying the short glare to the weekend. Moving along, this poem is an ode to everyone of us out there who is working towards making their life what they want it to be. It plays on that panic that even I’m not immune to, a sort of fear of what is going to happen if you don’t hurry up and start living the way you want to. Something akin to the Styx lyrics “I’ll take those long nights, impossible odds”, that is what this guy embodies today, written at a point where I’ve reached 50,000 words in the book I am working on but where I don’t feel like I’m working fast enough.

Small note before you head off into your own world today, I’ve changed my posting schedule to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which works for me and, apparently, for you as well; statistics don’t lie and my best viewed days are those! Also, I’m getting close to hitting another 1,000 followers, which means another thank you poem for you and a much needed cupcake for me. So, do an Amuselass a favor and recommend me to some friends so that I can end this week 3,000 strong and on a sugar high!

Well, here’s to hoping that your day is short and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight!




I’ve woven into myself
an idea
chiseled in stone it
is not yet flesh

but washed, abashed
in its own shed limitations,
it has begun to dream of
its first breath


Mornin’, folks. Or whatever greeting fits when you read this. Just thought I’d toss this one up after finishing it this morning. Despite its brevity, I like this lil’ guy. He’s short and to the point which are often the poems that I like the most. Once again, writing to my favorite album Dark Night of the Soul by Philip Wesley really helped me out with this one, as it often does with any of my writing for some reason. It’s always been the background noise of my best writing, and I’m sure all the other members of my house are sick of hearing it but, well, it works.

Here’s to hoping that you find some source of inspiration of your own and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.


Ship on water watching fireworks


We’ve got a century of measure
if we’re lucky
days that make or break the
vows we’ve sown

Measures of time we toast
your passing and
sigh our breath at
growing old

We brush this world with our
bruise of color
hoping to leave our lingering
little marks

and we have only to shine
our brightest
to lighten the coming of
the impending dark


Happy new year, folks! I hope this one finds you happy and never hungry and always with something to wet your lips if your throat or mind’s getting dry.

As for the new year around here, I might be working on a new posting schedule and it looks like I’ll be creating a few pages to go along with the blog to showcase some more shares and other posts that I find funny and think you might enjoy. You can expect to see more writing around here, also with a few new white board posts to show what I am working on in between full poems and to give you an idea of how I go about drafting them. Should equal out to some more posts and some fun to share and, at the very least, you’ll still see me sticking around well into the new year. 🙂


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