Just a quick note, folks. I’m finally back to being able to type a bit quicker now. Had a little more trouble than I figured before but now I’m back at it, and with a new job to boot. Got some good scraps to translate into text now and hopefully will be posting them soon.

The “New” Year


Every vice you didn’t quit
advice you didn’t give
all the work you didn’t do
just catching up with you

Resolutions come and gone
balls dropped
now it’s time to move along

Back to the rise and grind
the same ol’ song
that gets you every time


Happy first Monday of the year, folks. I know, I know. This feels strikingly similar to last year, doesn’t it? Well, to get through that monotony I’ve got a little something here to hopefully brighten up the start of your week.

Procrastiorian’s Pinterest

On a slightly different note, I’m currently suffering from an injury that knocked me down to one hand for typing so you might see some shorter posts or links till things perk up around here.

Still, regardless of it all, I hope that your day flies on by and that you have something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight!

Nothing Pessamistic from The Procrastitorian

Tomorrow brings a new year and a new poem but, for tonight, a little somethin’ positive to help lift the mood. Have fun, be safe, and drink as much as a person can possibly consume! Thanks, to everyone, for an amazing year.

I’ll be here doing a shot for you :)

Life (In Layman’s Terms)

Life (In Layman's Terms) #1 Picture

Life (In Layman’s Terms) #1

It’s a rut.
The tire dug a hole and
then got stuck.
You can rock it,
forward and reverse,
but grooves manufactured only
make the damned thing
all the worse.


Monday again, folks. Well, I sure as heck can’t keep it another work week from coming, but hopefully I came make it a little better. The poem above is from a few scrap ideas that I’ve enjoyed, and I thought you might like them to. Simple to understand and gets to the point of it, I’d like to think.

If that guy above just isn’t doing the job for ya, maybe checking out my Pintrest will brighten your Monday right on up. You can find it here, and be sure to let me know if you enjoy!


Well, as usual, I hope your day flies by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.

The Wolves’ Night Before Christmas

An awesome version of the night before Christmas!

Personally a version I thought others might enjoy :)

Remedy (Just Make it Through)

Picture for poem


It’s the only quick fix
answer that we’ve come
up with

Day in and out we
run this endless sort
of drive

Up and at ‘um just
rush through life
eyes closed

Keep your head down
hands to yourself and
hug that workload

It ain’t pretty but
it’ll get us through
mostly intact

Just trust the grind
keep your wits about you
and, most importantly,
don’t forget to


Monday again, folks. I know this week might seem a little tough but, well, hopefully I got something here that might help. In addition to the little lament above, I’ll post a link to my pinterest below. Might just make the Monday go a bit quicker by.

Procrastitorian’s Pinterest

Monday Again

Monday Again

Monday Again

Where have the hours gone and
when did they go?
I was sitting in good company
sipping on better and
next thing I know,
that damned alarm clock
sets to leering,
jeering at the circles
set under to hold
open my eyes and tsking
with tics that I’ve got
to do something to somehow
make a life
whether I like it
or not.

Just a little reblog as I finally get back to my normal grind!  In addition, here’s a little something to help your Monday go by:

Make Monday A Little Easier- Pinterest

An All Hallow’s Plea


An All Hallow’s Plea

I ask you
Do not devalue the
gravity of the day,
the importance of the this revelry
to fear, fright.

This is the one night where we,
mere mortals,
breath in myth and out

We exude shadows and
from our hearts
shades seep, for one eve,
out of our primal psyche and, again,
into our now hollow





Happy Halloween, folks! I hope you’re planning to enjoy the night because, let’s face it, at our age we don’t get too many frights which are actually this harmless nor fun. Have a few extra shots on me and here’s to hoping that your night brings a whole lot of fun, a little hells, and some much needed chills to ground ya on down!

Tired Advice

Tired Advice

Tired Advice

make mountains out of molehills
bite the hand or
soil where you sleep
burning bridges feels great
but water under is twice as deep
and will float you when you fall
from those high horses who will never
behave for very

More Frightening Than Fiction


Double, double
toil and trouble
the coffee burns
and oatmeal bubbles

I’m late for work
on All-Hallow’s week
when did holidays
become so bleak?

Won’t get candy
I gotta get gas
wear a costume?
I’m in last week’s

Want to Time Warp
or Monster Mash
but what’s more frightening:
Grooving out to Thriller
or the thought of
no cash?

No, instead of haunting
I’ll just ghost away
another zombie shambles
to the promise of
prey pay.



Alright, alright. I know, it’s Monday and that was an extremely corny poem but give an old girl her woes, won’t you?  Just thought I’d like to give my protest for growing up, despite the fact I’m as bogged down and out of the fun as they come. Still, I can always raise a hoot in my writing, can’t I?

Anywho, here’s to hoping your day flies by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight.


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