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Weathering The Storm

storm scenery

Weathering The Storm

The world, it can be wicked,
tossing to the wind what we
thought we knew, dashing beloved
memories against boulders, and
undoing what we’ve held so
tightly to,

but only through destruction,
do we learn to weather storms,
and only through abduction
do we learn what’s in store.

There’s a power in rebuilding,
being a phoenix among the ash,
we learn the answers to petty
questions, and the ones we
really need to ask,

We find out what’s important
who really loves us, what we need,
and we end up better people
because of tragedy.

So rise and be reminded that,
no matter what you’re going
through, the tempest can be
outlasted, and become a part
of you,

You can learn to harness
lightning, you can be the
brightest flash, the lighthouse
gleam of guidance for those
too afraid to ask.

You can summon forth the gale
winds and use them to fuel
the winds of change, you can
call down the heavy torrents to
help wash away the pain,

And you’ll learn to speak like thunder,
you’ll boom with every breath,
and with every new challenge that
faces you, you’ll grow stronger yet.

So become that force of nature
that in tragedy is reborn, and know
you can become a better person
from just weathering the storm.


Mornin’, folks. So this isn’t my normal Monday post, but this hasn’t exactly been a normal week, so I whipped up something that I’ve had in the works for a while to kick it off.  Hopefully, for anyone going through anything, this poem might shed some light on how to turn a bad situation into something good. It sucks when ‘the suck’ is happening, but we can choose to come out of it as better, stronger people. All you have to do is just keep going, and once you’ve made it through you’ll be battle ready when something decides to come at you again. Better yet, you’ll be able to help/talk someone through that sort of situation.

Anywho, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this simple rhyme.  It may be a bit crude, but the sentiment is what is truly in it’s heart.

Victis Honor: Facing the Storm

Facing the Storm5

Victis Honor

Thought I’d give this picture a post this afternoon. It contains the poem from earlier today, just on a very applicable picture. The photo was taken about five years ago in Oahu, Hawaii and I couldn’t think of a better image for this poem than one of facing the ocean as a storm rolls in.

However, because I’m fickle, I couldn’t figure out which centering of the text I liked best, so here’s another version.

Victis Honor

Victis Honor

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